Flo Media is a web design shop in Dallas that offers personal attention, on time deliverables, and leading edge creative solutions. With a dynamically growing internet, a web presence that shouts with individuality can help cut through the internet abyss and get your message out.

We build sites that are SEO friendly with CSS layout and keyword rich content. We pride ourselves on clarity of design and easily navigated content. This is the foundation for successful search engine optimization.

We can build all of our designs on the WordPress framework that allows anyone to easily change content on their site at any time they feel the inspiration or need to.

If you need to bring your current site up to the 21st century or just need to start over. We will give you a FREE appraisal and quote. We will give you our completely un-biased opinion, we promise!

If you have a project, and like what you see in our design gallery, give us a call. Its free!!



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